Classroom of the Future

The Centre for Research on Learning and Instruction established an innovative state of the art teaching and research unit with the support of Microsoft Hungary. The classroom, which serves the following functions, was the first milestone of a long-term research and education programme: (1) teacher trainees and experienced teachers attending our trainings or refresher courses can acquire the utilization of the latest technologies and methods, (2) the laboratory study of the new technology-based teaching and learning methods and (3) the research for further development is carried out here.

The equipment, the mobile desks and chairs provide an opportunity for creating an ideal environment for individual learning, pair work, group work and frontal teaching. The wide range of portable computers (traditional notebook, interactive whiteboard-PC, Ultra-Mobile-PC), the wireless internet access, the projectors and the student feedback system make it possible to put various novel models of teaching and learning models into practice.


The Classroom of the Future was also equipped with cutting-edge touch screen computers within the framework of the ’Developing an Online Diagnostic Assessment System’ (TÁMOP 3.1.9/08/01) project in 2010.



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