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Katalin R. Forray: Problems of the Gypsies/Roma Education in Europe

The present survey aims to highlight that countries belonging to the European Union have simi-lar responsibilities toward their Gypsies/Roma citizens (no matter how they define them) to those facing Hungarian society. There are similarities and differences in the efforts of educa-tional policies. Social relationships are different from the Hungarian context primarily in that these other countries have greater experience in the permeability of borders and, consequently, in relating to what is different. As a result, on the Western skirts of our continent „Gypsies/Roma policy” is one of similar social questions, whereas in Hungary it has grown into an almost in-controllable social and educational problem. Besides the higher rate of Gypsies/Roma in the population, the accumulation of the general problems of our society in the lives of large groups of Hungarian Gypsies/Roma is an important factor in the escalation of the problem. Raising the level of schooling offers the promise of a prospective solution, but it can be a perspective only for those who are able to look beyond the financial burdens of everyday survival. We should not expect a miracle from educational policy, but the hopeless situation of Gypsies/Roma will be per-petuated without adequate educational policy based on local initiatives. This is perhaps the most important conclusion we can draw form our survey.

MAGYAR PEDAGÓGIA 98. Number 1. 3-16. (1998)

Levelezési cím / Address for correspondence: Forray R. Katalin, H – 1025 Budapest, Nagybányai u. 56.


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